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Jul 24, 2011


Peter Marks

Seems like a few writers are commenting on Tony's economy with logic. Did you see Annabel Crabb's piece: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-07-22/crabb-freed-from-facts-abbott-goes-ballooning/2806640.

Abbott should realise that all he really needs to do is be quiet for two years and he'll be in the lodge. If he keeps going with the nutty stuff my prediction is that he'll be replaced in the run-up by Turnbull who seems itchy to take over again.

Marius Coomans

I was heartened by the last elections - Australians decided neither side deserved a mandate. It's sad to see the public bile whipped up by shock jocks and vested interests and reflected in the popularity polls. I'd vote for Malcolm Turnbull to head up the Labor party.


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