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Aug 01, 2006


David Michie

I don't understand mpg, mph, bhp, lb ft and don't have the time to convert. The only number I understand is CO2: 175g/km, which is considerably worse than similar diesels and hybrids. It *is* interesting though ... lots of interesting engine developments happening these days being drive by high oil prices.

Duncan Mok

Grrr. No TSI available in the US. Drat. And I thought maybe this was the commute vehicle for me. Alas, no, it will have to be something else...

One thing I have been thinking though, as I ponder the vast number of huge, heavy, petrol/gas-thirsty vehicles here in the US, is that eventually - when the fuel prices rise sufficiently - at least they have a market size that will allow them to justify advanced alternative energy vehicles. In Australia the cost of a Prius is very high - not unjustifiable, but high. When enough people in the US provide sufficient demand, prices will fall.

Of course then you start thinking about the window of opportunity that hybrids have, and therefore how long the car makers have to recoup their investments. How long before we are forced to shift completely away from petrol/gas products? 20 years? 15? 10? No matter how you look at it, hybrids are an interim technology. Important, and to be encouraged (and bought), but not yet the real answer.

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