> Sorrento

Cossette our Citroen (note our French plates - we're clearly marked as foreigners)
Pocket Coffee - essential fix for driving the local roads
The alternate entrance to Le Tore - we did see a small car squeeze through here
Sunset over St Agata sui due Golfi (south of Sorrento)
Primi Piatti (first plate) @ Le Tore - Cherry Tomatoes and Spaghetti
A small cheese plate @ Le Tore (a 1Kg of Mozzarella for you sir?)
Dolci @ Le Tore - Chocoloate and Hazelnut dessert
Machina Piccolo (tiny cars) and their fans
A map of where we are
The Menu
And if you aren't filled up by 1 metre of pizza ...
Our noisy neighbours
The hills above Sorrento
Vesuvius and the Gulf of Napoli
A typical scene at the end of our road - Via Pontone
The artist and his art
Vino Tabla
Kids at Sorrento docks with Mt Vesuvius in background
Capri waterfront
A view over non-harbour side of Capri
A view over Isle of Capri from Capri town
Kids vs Giant Lemons
Typical House Sign on Isle of Capri
Sorrento Harbour
Tour groups vs Trucks on the docks in Capri Harbour
Fisherman dancing on boats in Capri Harbour
Masse Lubrense - we were staying just below the peak of this hill
Sorrento Harbour with Mt Vesuvius in background
Sorrento Harbour
Beware of the kids
Who's been telling fibs?
Italian men at cards in Sorrento
Carciofli fresca
Hostess Vittoria, Mario and our kids
(jam) packed for the road