> Rome

First ruin spotted - @ Argentina
Inside Pantheon - incredible building
Pleased we only went down these stairs
Mr 5 finally gets to use of his Italian words - "Elephante"
Coins tossed - we want to come back!
Common 3 wheel utility
Spanish steps
"How's the serenity?"
Bocca della Verita
Trevi Fountain
Passing forum on way to Colosseum
Colosseum tour guide - excellent history lesson delivered passionately
"Maybe our brother broke it?"
"I didn't break it!"
Spectators calling for "More blood" at the Colosseum?
Steep stairs inside Colosseum
Our tour group getting ready to acend Palatine Hill
Not so happy Mr 5
Happy Mr 5
"Some Roman Emporer's back yard"
Mr 5 admiring Swedish Tourist Guide
St Peter's from Palatine Hill
More history
So much history, so little time - Roman Forum
Colosseum from Palatine Hill
Gotta keep those Roman men away from my daughters!
Ponte Sisto with view to St Peter's
Exit from Vatican Museum - even that is art
View up to gallery (see people) - we were there
View from Cupola of St Peter's Basilica
Gang half way down from St Peter's Cupola (dome)
Creme Brulee - Miss 11
Tiramisu - Mr 5
Fragola (Strawberry) - Miss 7
Rare site - Uomo Verde (Green Man)
The rare spotted 3 wheel ute
The paving stones that eat your feet
Quadra-cycling in the Borghese Gardens
A statue of a goddess in Borghese Gardens
Piazza Poppulo overrun with Pandas (WWF promotion)
Via Corso - we did a good job of avoiding crowds (until now!)
Spanish Steps on a Saturday
SPQR everywhere
Never eat anything bigger than your head
Highly recommended - excellent pizza, super price
Italian's so serious about coffee that even coaches gave coffee machines
Smart car most popular in Rome - you can see why
The home of the best gelato in Rome - near St Peter's square
Our local playground & market
Recommend this book for visiting Italy with kids