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Approach to Antico Borgo di Sugame
Antico Borgo di Sugame
View down the valley @ Antico Borgo di Sugame
Roll out the barells @ Antico Borgo di Sugame
Front gate @ Antico Borgo di Sugame
View from our window @ Antico Borgo di Sugame
Wisteria on owner's residence - Antico Borgo di Sugame
Lower garden @ Antico Borgo di Sugame
Olive Grove @ Antico Borgo di Sugame
21C Tech in front of a 16th Century Wall
Greve in Chianti - main square
LeCantine (1893) - a great selection of vino right in Greve
Hot chocolate - Italian style - so rich and thick
Mr 5 wearing his hot chocolate
 A fine selection of Chianti Classico
Lorenzo (our host) back from mountain biking
Darwin at work - dumb duck drowns eggs
Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms
Chocolate Souffle
Pancotta with chocolate sauce
View from La Cantinetta well above Greve
Sodden scene of Chianti Hills - sob :-(
Wed - Sunset some hope of better weather
Luna - ours hosts 3 legged, very able dog
Red runabouts reclining in Radda
Greve in Chianti - river scene
Greve main square Thursday - patches of blue sky
View from tower in Castellini in Chianti
Ferrari have diversified
Thursday's sunset - promising
The road near Borgo Antico di Sugame
Lorenzo, our host, at work
Kids vs Pizza
Cedra - like a lemon but large and pithy
Sunset @ Sugame
Sunset @ Sugame
A recycled garden
The towers of San Gimignano
The towers of San Gimignano
The towers of San Gimignano
View from Monteriggioni
Monteriggioni - City Walls
Sunset @ Sugame
The pig while dead at least looks happy!
Fried all sorts
Bakery in Greve in Chianti
Fried Polenta
Candied Cedra
LeCantine in Greve - over 140 wines available for tasting
LeCantine in Greve - enomatic machine